Hypac on the Water
Hypac in Winemaking
Hypac in the Theatre
When speed is of the essence, Hypac is the first choice at sea.

As the world's leading supplier of lightweight deck machinery, we design and manufacture specialised equipment for high speed ships from 25 to 150 metres.

Since 1980 Hypac has been providing solutions for workboats, riverboats, crewboats, passenger ships and vehicle ferries.

We evaluate each application individually and configure an integrated system that meets the exact needs of the vessel, is reliable in the roughest seas and requires minimum maintenance throughout its long life.

Due to customer demand, Hypac is expanding the range of marine deck machinery to provide even more powerful solutions for conventional and military vessels.
A great wine is all in the making, with the best equipment.

Hypac has a proud reputation of being one of the leading basket press manufacturers in the world.

For almost 30 years, we have been involved with the wine industry, and in 1999 we started making traditional style basket presses, using modern materials and the latest techniques available.

Through on-going discussions with our customers, each generation of basket press has been adapted and simplified to suit most ferment sizes.

Suitable for both large and small wineries, Hypac basket presses are renowned for being gentle on the fruit and strong enough to last many great vintages.
When performance counts, Hypac won't let you down.

We have designed and manufactured theatre and set hydraulic systems for some of Australia's leading theatres, productions and events since 1980.

From the Sydney Star City Casino and the 135 winch flying system, stage hydraulics and power supply for the Victorian Arts Centre, Hypac was able to design and build it.

Our understage scenery movement system, power supply and special effects set hydraulics were used to break the evil spell for each performance of Disney's Beauty and the Beast and we helped light up the 2000 Sydney Paralympics Opening Ceremony with our torch lighting system.

Your show will always go on with a tailor-made Hypac hydraulic system or complete machine.